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How do I whitelist Ezoic email addresses?

Modified on: Tue, 20 Dec, 2022

Ezoic would like to keep in touch with you via email throughout your time using the Platform. Some of these emails might be related to Ezoic generally, such as exciting updates on new features, or progressive changes to the current platform.

However, others will be directly related to your site, even notifying you if we see errors or if urgent action is needed to keep the site actively serving ads.

To ensure you receive all important emails, we recommend double-checking your settings both at Ezoic and at your mail service provider.

In Your Ezoic Dashboard:

You can manage email notifications from Ezoic via the Dashboard > Ezoic Account Details:
(note: screenshot shows required settings to ‘opt-in’ to all emails)


At Your Mail Service Provider:

Because Ezoic is sending emails consistently and many are ‘no-response’ type messages, some email providers might mistakenly ‘blacklist’ the ezoic.com domain, which sends Ezoic emails to spam/junk folders or denies emails from Ezoic completely. That means despite opting-in in your Ezoic dashboard, you might not be hearing from us properly!

This can typically be fixed by simply allowing or ‘whitelisting’ the Ezoic.com domain entirely via your email service settings.

Below you’ll find directions/examples of how to properly accomplish this via popular email service providers. If you don’t see your service listed below, you may need to reach out to your email provider support directly.

Google / Gmail

1. Log in to your Gmail account. Click on the ‘gear’ or settings icon, then use the drop-down menu to select ‘Settings’

2. Select ‘Filters and blocked addresses’, then scroll down to find and select ‘Create a new filter’

3. Add ‘ ezoic.com ‘ to the ‘From’ field (you do not need to enter a specific address, this will allow for all @ezoic.com email addresses to make it to your inbox).

4. Click ‘Never send it to Spam’, then press ‘Save’

More information here.

Yahoo Mail

1. Log in to Yahoo mail.

2. Select the ‘Contacts’ icon, then add ‘ ezoic.com ‘ as the Sender/From field.

3. Save

Note: you do not need to enter a specific address, this will allow for all @ezoic.com email addresses to make it to your inbox)

Alternative, Unblock an email address already blacklisted/denied.

1. Log in to Yahoo mail.

2. Select the ‘Settings’ icon, then select ‘More Settings’.

3. Select ‘Security and Privacy’, then search for @ezoic.com addresses.

4. Scroll over the email address, then select the ‘Delete’ icon/option next to the address.

More Information here.


1. Log in to AOL Mail.

2. From your inbox, select ‘Spam Controls’, which shows a pop-up ‘Mail and Spam Controls’.

3. Select ‘Customer Sender’, then select ‘Allow Email From’.

4. Enter ‘ ezoic.com ‘ , then click ‘Add’ and ‘Save’.

Alternatively, you can add @ezoic.com to your contacts list by ‘Adding a Contact’ for ezoic.com, which should mean all Ezoic emails can reach your inbox.

More information here.


The quickest way with iCloud is to add a new contact for Ezoic - however, you can also setup filters as well using the links below:

1. Log in to iCloud Mail.

2. Select ‘Contacts’, then select the “+” button, and select ‘New Contact’.

3. Enter ‘ ezoic.com ‘ as the email address, then select ‘Done’

More information here and here.


1. Log in to Outlook mail.

2. Select ‘Safe Senders settings’, then enter ‘ @ezoic.com ‘ as the email address.

3. Select ‘Save’

More information here.

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