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How To Read Results (Layout Tester)

Modified on: Sun, 19 Mar, 2023


The graph above shows each layout experiment in a different color. The more a color is shown, the more users are seeing it. This is for a site's optimization over a week, which is why it looks like a lot to take in. You can toggle between screen sizes by creating segments, switch between views for 'Pageviews', 'Revenue', and 'Visits', and change the date range too.  

How Do You Rank The Experiments?

The system ranks each Experiment by scoring each metric using the optimization settings set in the UI.

For example: If the optimization settings are set to 'balanced', and a page variant is 'one cent lower' than the top earning variant, but has better user metrics (like a much higher time on site), then it will rank higher - and eventually earn more traffic.


After gaining enough data, the 'best fit' layout(s) is 'promoted'. When a site is considered the 'best fit', the system sends it more traffic so it can begin to improve the income and UX overall. The remaining traffic is for more testing - and finding new winners over time.

Confidence in Variations

Ezoic is a testing platform - the machine learning system needs to collect a certain amount of data on each experiment before it has statistical confidence in the results. This information is presented to you as a percentage - the higher the percentage, the more likely we will be able to see statistically accurate results for this variation!


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