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How to Upload Your Videos to Humix

Modified on: Wed, 30 Aug, 2023

Open the Humix dashboard and click the ‘Add Video’ quick action at the top of the Overview page


Select your desired upload method. You can add videos by uploading directly from your device, importing videos from your YouTube account, or via MRSS feed.


Adding Videos via Upload

1. You can either drag and drop your video file in the designated box, or click ‘Select File’ to upload a video from your files.


2. Once you’ve clicked ‘Open’, your video will automatically begin to upload. While it's uploading, you can add video details such as the description, title, or whether you’d like to add the video to an existing playlist.


All uploaded videos are set to ‘public’ visibility by default, meaning that a user could embed your video on their site. This will help increase views and grow your audience. If you don’t want the video to be available for a viewer to embed, change the visibility setting to ‘Private’.

3. Click Continue to finish adding your video details. Adding accurate Content Categories & Keywords is an important step, as this will help Humix share your videos on relevant websites.

You have the option to add your own video transcription, or, you can let Humix automatically transcribe the video for you! You can also adjust the start time of the video when it’s played on a website.

If applicable, you can add an Info Banner to serve on your video. An Info Banner is an interactive box that appears over your video to direct views to additional content such as related videos, website, or related links.


4. Once you've added all desired video details, click “Finish”. You will be taken to the upload confirmation page. From here, you can copy the embed code to embed the video on your site. If you’re a WordPress user with the Humix plugin installed, you can copy the video link or the embed code to implement on your website.


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