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Humix Best Practices to Increase Earnings

Modified on: Sun, 24 Sep, 2023

While all sites are unique, these Humix best practices will ensure you have your Humix setup tuned for success. Humix provides optimal default settings when first enabling the player, however, you have full control of the toolset to deliver the best possible experience for your users.

  • Humix automatically provides the optimal balance between revenue and user experience using complex machine learning when configuring video ads. You have the freedom to control these settings, however, it's recommended leaving them on the default setting.

  • Create video content that is relevant to the articles where videos are being embedded. This will improve engagement rates of your video content

  • Make sure the title and description of your video is clear and relevant to the video content

  • Optimal video length is anywhere between 5-30 minutes long. This serves a double benefit in terms of engagement. Videos tend to keep people on pages longer thus increasing the amount of time spent engaged with your content (and the ads around it) helping further increase revenue and pageviews.

  • Add keywords to all of your videos to help with SEO. Do this in the SEO section of your video (can find when clicking into the video in Manage Videos)

  • Enable the autoplay feature

  • Videos should be placed below the fold to minimize the impact on page speed and user experience. This is incredibly important when optimizing for LCP as a video will likely be the largest impact in the viewport in terms of Core Web Vitals.

  • Never rely solely on video to convey the information on your page. Using both written content combined with video will provide the highest benefit in terms of SEO for both types of content.

  • .mp4 is the best and most common file type for video.

  • Publishers who use Ezoic can host their video content free of charge. Using external hosting ensures you are not bogging down your pages by delivering them via our ultra-fast cloud.

  • To provide the best user experience, videos should not autoplay with sound. Humix takes care of this for you automatically!

  • Make sure to set your videos to “public” on the Ezoic platform. If your video is marked as “Private” Ezoic is unable to share and display your video.

  • Ensure your thumbnail is high quality and represents the content of your video accurately.

  • Videos will float to either the left, middle, or right, once the user has scrolled past the video within your content if floating is enabled for the video assignment. Because all sites are unique, it is recommended to select the alignment that does not interfere with user navigation or interacting with your content.

Have a really long, dense article? Supporting that page with a video explainer can really help users consume the content in a different format catering to multiple audiences.

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