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Humix Video Network & YouTube Imports

Modified on: Fri, 7 Apr, 2023

How can I incorporate YouTube imports with Humix?

You can link multiple YouTube channels to your domain and import videos from any of your linked YouTube channels. Keeping video within Ezoic and Humix will help publishers earn more revenue from their videos.

Per our video content agreement, you can only upload videos you own. You cannot upload videos from other YouTube channels that you do not own the content. Once a video is uploaded on your video dashboard, and you’ve enabled sharing to Humix, your video will enter the rotation to be displayed on other websites when a relevant match is made.

You can link your YouTube channel with Humix by going to Humix in the main dashboard, then the Channel section, then the YouTube Settings tab, then click "Link New Channel" and login to your YouTube account that has the channel you wish to link.

Embedded YouTube videos will not show on your Humix channel pages or dedicated article pages, unless you have changed your YouTube settings in Humix to replace embedded YouTube videos to become Ezoic videos. Replacing embedded YouTube videos is only for your own video library. If you have a YouTube video embedded on your page, and you imported that same video into your video library using YouTube import, we will replace that embedded code on the page with our Ezoic video player.

You can set this up by turning on "Replace Embedded YouTube Videos" in the YouTube Settings tab.


If you do not want a Humix video inserted on a certain page because you want to continue to use an embedded YouTube video instead, go to the Site section in Humix, then the Disable Embeds by Page tab, and click "Add a New Page" in Disable Network Videos by Page. This will disable Humix videos from being added to that page.


Remember to click the plus sign + to finish adding the page!


With all of that said, it is not advised to try to use both YouTube and Humix across your site since it would not allow the Humix tool to work at its best and fulfill its intended purpose. Keeping video within Ezoic and Humix will help publishers earn more revenue from their videos. It’s like owning your own YouTube!

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