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If Ezoic is not ad tech or an ad network, then what is it?

Modified on: Thu, 30 Sep, 2021

Ad tech is traditionally additive tech added on top of existing ad stacks or ad technology to augment something. In about 96% of cases, the majority of ad demand, or the ad stack, our customers use is supplied through us and our network of partners. In that other 4%, we do sort of fit into that ad tech role. We link directly with enterprise clients’ Ad Manager/Google DFP accounts and serve their PMP, direct, and programmatic using Ezoic machine learning.

An ad network traditionally is a pretty broad, all-encompassing term that means sitting on the buy and sell-side of ads. Theoretically, an ad network, in the plainest sense, is collecting ads from buyers and then providing sellers with the mechanism for linking with these ad buyers. It’s come to mean two things in modern terms: single ad tag providers (AdSense or native networks) and header bidders (Rubicon, Criteo). Since Ezoic is essentially providing a consortium of demand–including access to exchanges–we’re not really a fit into any of the traditional or modern definitions of an ad network. Ezoic is the best at generating ad revenue for our customers while also giving them the control to better understand and manage how that's done on their own.

Ezoic could be compared to a company like Adobe, which is a platform with multiple products for design and media. Ezoic is a platform with multiple products for publishers. Ezoic is often mistaken for the above because many publishers see the value they receive from Ezoic as purely ad revenue.

For many publishers, we are at minimum a monetization platform. However, many publishers are also using us for privacy and consent, CDN, free SSL, Big Data Analytics, script testing, AMP and PWA converter, video, and site speed. Using Ezoic’s software, publishers have access to Google AdX, and our A.I. technology optimizes ad placements for individual site visitors to increase publishers’ ad revenue. Ezoic is a technology for digital publishers and website owners that enables them to grow their online business.

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