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I'm Worried That I'm Seeing Too Many Ads On My Site...

Modified on: Mon, 29 Apr, 2024

Ezoic will never display more ads than you want it to. You can configure this in your Ezoic Dashboard by installing the 'Max Ads Per Page' App '.

This can be found under the 'EzoicAds' section of your Dashboard, under 'Ad Restrictions' then scroll down to 'Max Ads Per Page':


It's best to leave this to automation however - our system will never display more ads than it is allowed to according to Google Policy, and in terms of there being too many ads it's important to bear in mind that the Ezoic system tests thousands of ad combinations! So even though you may be seeing lots of ads, other users visiting your site may not be seeing the same thing. It's best to allow the system to have ample placeholders to test (we recommend 10 - 15 per page) in order to increase user experience and revenue.

Website visitors all prefer different experiences when browsing a site. Different ad placements, layouts and number of ads can have major impacts on user experience metrics and website revenue.

When publishers are seeing ads that they find intrusive or not aesthetic, other users may have a different opinion, but the beauty of the Ezoic system is that instead of picking a location that suits the majority, Ezoic can cater to both people who want an ad in that location and those who don't by leaving the placeholder in place. 

Over time the system becomes wise to each user's preferences from the data collected and adapts ad combinations accordingly. The reason that you as a web owner may be seeing more ads than most is that you most likely spend a long time on the site. Our system may subsequently categorize you as someone with a high ad tolerance, which means you will often be shown more ads, because your behavior on the site differs from the average user and indicates that you don't mind this!

Here at Ezoic, we give our publishers the ability to customize each session to match the optimal combination of all of these factors to each website visitor, using the AI technology. But ultimately, you're in control, and you can always limit the number of ads displayed on a page.

If you would like ads completely excluded from a page check out the Disable Ads By Page App.

Its important to note that any changes made to the ads setup on your site will have an impact on revenue, so please reach our to your dedicated account representative if you are thinking of make these changes.  

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