What is the Ad Restrictions app?
Modified on: Wed, 27 May, 2020 at 6:25am

The Ad Restrictions app allows you to place limits on the number and type of ads that are shown on a landing page or user session based on referral source simply by creating a 'ruleset'.

Rules will allow different ad combinations to be shown, either on the landing page or across the whole user session. The App tracks the traffic referral source applies the rules you create and restricts the number and type of ads accordingly.

So, for example, if you are running a campaign on Facebook, you can generate a rule based on your Facebook campaign UTM. In this case, the ads will be restricted for traffic arriving at the page from Facebook, but will not restrict ads to users arriving from other social, organic or direct traffic sources.

Creating a Ruleset

To create a ruleset, go to the ad restrictions app and click 'Create ruleset' where you can specify whether or not you want to display native ads, and how many ads you want to display as a maximum: 


Here, you can also select whether or not to apply the rule to a landing page or for the entire user session. Once you're happy, click create! You should now see your new ruleset in the main ad restrictions menu: 


Configuring a Referral Source Target

To configure the referral source you'd like to apply the ruleset to, click the pencil icon indicated above in green. Click the 'Create new rule' button, at the bottom of the page, where you'll be prompted to enter the Referrer or UTM Parameters you wish to use: 


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