Integrating Ezoic With WPEngine

Modified on: Mon, 1 Feb, 2021

Ezoic users attempting to leverage the WordPress plugin as a form of integration on a site hosted at WPEngine will find that this isn't possible:


Due to caching rules applied by default to WPEngine sites, Ezoic's Wordpress plugin loses a lot of feature functionality which prevents this as a form of integration specifically on WPEngine. Other Wordpress hosts typically do not have this same issue, but integration with Ezoic can still be achieved regardless via alternative means.

While integrating with Ezoic using the WordPress plugin may seem easier at first glance, Wordpress integration actually has several drawbacks. It involves additional steps with regards to setting up your ads.txt file, and prevents Ezoic's Ad Tester and Site Speed Accelerator from working at optimal levels.

We recommend integrating via name server or Cloudflare integration.


Login to your WPEngine account, select your site that you wish to integrate, and select Domains from the sidebar menu.


Scroll down to the DNS details and follow WPEngine's instructions on CNAME flattening by using a free Cloudflare account.

CNAME Flattening using WPEngine and Cloudflare instructions:

1. Sign up for a Cloudflare account.

2. Enter your domain name when prompted and create a free account.

3. Your existing records will automatically fill in. Delete the existing A record.

4. Add a CNAME record using your WP Engine default domain (EX:

5. Check your “www” record.

6. If your “www” record here is an alias of your domain, you can leave it as-is.

7. If it points to an IP address, you will need to perform steps 4 & 5 for the “www” record as well.

8. You will be prompted to change your nameservers. This step will be performed at your DNS host, if it is not WPEngine. Cloudflare will show you two different nameservers values. Leave this tab open so you can easily copy and paste them in the next step!

  • IF NOT WPENGINE HOSTED: your DNS host find the area to edit your nameservers. Typically, this is in the same area where you manage DNS records. You may need to select an option to set “custom nameservers”.

9. Change the name servers to the ones shown in the Cloudflare panel.

10. Back in Cloudflare, click Continue.

Now you have 2 Ezoic integration options — Cloudflare is likely the easiest and fastest of the two.

First, name servers from Cloudflare will have to propagate across (usually 14-16 hours).

After this time has passed, you can elect to log back into Ezoic and select the — now available — Cloudflare integration option.


Simply click, Cloudflare Integration and activate via your Cloudflare account, you're done!

No further steps are needed. You should gain access to all Ezoic features and functions within minutes of integration.

The second option is if you prefer to use Ezoic name servers (not necessary if you have selected Cloudflare integration).

Here, you'll just need to log back into your Cloudflare account and change the default Cloudflare name servers to the ones provided at the Ezoic.

NOTE: This requires a paid subscription to Cloudflare. So, for most publishers, the free Cloudflare account and integration option above are likely preferred.


With a Cloudflare business account, you can change your Cloudflare name servers to the ones provided at the Ezoic integration screen.

Now, you'll have to wait 14-16 hours until name servers propagate across the web before integration is complete. After this time, you will be fully-integrated with Ezoic. No further steps are needed.

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