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Is Leap free and what is happening to the Site Speed Accelerator?

Modified on: Wed, 21 Jul, 2021

What is Leap?

With the emergence of Google's UX update we understand that publishers are really concerned about things like site performance and more specifically core web vitals. Leap is a new website performance toolset that was designed to act as an all-in-one app to diagnose and address each of the sites performance issues, one by one so that every site can achieve good core web vitals and improve their performance metrics on their websites. We understand that this is something that is complex and different for every site so Leap is designed to be a full toolset so that sites can analyse and also be able to understand the action they need to take to improve the complex performance issues that vary from website to website.

Leap and core web vitals


This is going to make a huge difference for our sites because core web vitals are something that 90% of the web currently fails. After helping a lot of our users achieve fast passing core web vital scores and very good pagespeed insights scores, Ezoic realised that many sites that we come across are struggling with simply understanding what they need to do to make those scores better or improve those metrics so we decided to address this for all sides.

We think it's important that we don't just address the metrics but, that we also address UX as well because these things shouldn't be separate. Ultimately publishers deserve the ability to have both a fast site or great user experience and high revenue and this can be achieved due our ability to provide cloud integration. Leap provides features that are needed to produce strong core web vital metric and better user experiences without sacrificing revenue and without having to use external JavaScript.

Leap and SSA

The Site Speed Accelerator will be replaced by an all in one tool.

Will I need to cloud integrate?


No, not necessarily, but if you really do care about speed the answer is YES. Ezoics super fast CDN and cloud integration is the key to being able to deliver both ads and a better website to visitors successfully via plugins or JavaScript.

Although it won't be required, many of the awesome Leap features will only be available via cloud integration and that's just fundamental to the way that the technology works.

Our cloud integration is going to allow us to deliver things in a way no other technology can outside of this form of integration.

How much does it cost?

Leap will have no paid or plus features it will be free for all Ezoic monetization users and free for page views without ads up to 500K page views.

If you're currently paying for Site Speed Accelerator features and or have subscribed to pay annually, you will be refunded or credited after launch. All features that an existing site would use, paid or unpaid plus or non plus features that you're using today will be enhanced and then moved over whenever we launch Leap.

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