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I've Changed My Name Servers - How Long Will It Be Before Ezoic's Layout Tester Is Set Up?

Modified on: Wed, 16 Feb, 2022

Normally sites have to wait a few days, but it can be a wait of one day or a couple of weeks. Whilst the system is fully automated once up and running, the set-up requires human input!

So - once you have connected to Ezoic's CDN by changing your nameservers to point to Ezoic, our technical team will review your site, set it up and check for any conflicts with the system. 

Sites are reviewed in order that their name servers are changed. Some sites take longer than others tor review and test - during this period you continue to collect revenue in your account and track activity in the same way you always have done. From the perspective of your visitors, nothing has changed, so the length of time it takes to review the site is not really that important (you're losing nothing); it's more important to allow the technical team to complete a thorough review and test of your site before going live.  

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