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Mediation Still Pending?

Modified on: Mon, 24 Jun, 2024

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a great app that allows your original ad networks to compete against Ezoic's ad exchange. We recommend adding any ad networks that you already use to the Mediation app. It's important to note that these networks do not need to be 'approved' for you to use Ezoic. However, many of our publishers link their Google AdSense to Ezoic, and we highly recommend doing so. For more information on how to link Google AdSense to Ezoic, please refer to this article.

Why is the status still Pending?


If your Mediation is still pending after linking your AdSense account for 24 hours, please double-check that your email, phone number, and zip code within the Mediation app match those within your AdSense account.

Even then, AdSense can remain Pending until your AdSense account competes with and wins against the Ezoic Ad Exchange.  

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