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Removing Scripts From Ezoic Versions

Modified on: Wed, 25 Jan, 2023

*Note: Formerly known as: Commenting Out Scripts*.
If you have "page-level" ads enabled for AdSense / Header Bidding Partners OR any other script that you would like to run ONLY on your original site and not on the Ezoic versions - you are able to tell the Ezoic system to not display that specific script by using Ezoic Remove Tags:


**The Script to Remove goes here**


Simply place the BEGIN tag (shown above and below) before the script you don't want to show, and the END tag (shown above and below) after the script you don't want to show.
If you use page-level ads, popups, popunders, inline ads or floating ads, it's highly recommended that you exclude their tags from the Ezoic testing sessions.

This allows the system to compare "apples to apples."

Additionally, leaving anchor and vignette ads on the page may skew data and render Ezoic's split testing useless, as they can interfere with other elements on the page.


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