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Tips For Publishers On Premium

Modified on: Thu, 28 Sep, 2023

What is Premium?

Ezoic Premium is an invite-only program that provides participating publishers with improved monetization, advanced features, API access, more timely reporting, and expert advice.

Ezoic Premium is a subscription-based service that requires a commitment on the part of the publisher. However, Premium Publishers typically earn far more in additional revenue than the cost of the service and many see traffic and performance improvements as a result as well.

Please note that the program is only available to publishers that have used the Ezoic platform for an extended period of time and meet other quality criteria. In addition, we are only able to accept a limited number of new premium publishers per month so we are unable to accommodate many requests for participation.


How do I add a new Default Card?

To add a new Default Card go to your Premium Dashboard:


In your Premium Dashboard go to 'Premium Account' > 'Cards' > '+ Add Card':


A pop-up will show for you to add your card information. 


You can then click the 3 dots and select ''Set card as default'' to make it your default card.


My payment failed - how do I recharge my card manually?

If you have a failed payment you can retry payment by following these steps:

1. Go to Premium Dashboard

2. 'Premium Account'

3. 'Invoices'

4. On the Failed Invoice Select “...

5. 'Retry Failed Invoice'

6. If successful you will see a notification on the top right-hand corner of the screen (this will also alert you if unsuccessful).


Please note: it may take a couple of minutes for the invoice to be successful, you will need to refresh the page. 

If payment fails please ensure there are enough funds on the card, then retry again. 

If you are still unsuccessful try looking into the reason why this is failing. Have you contacted your card issuer? Is there a limit on your card?  Is your card set up for international payments? What is the reason the payment isn’t going through?

What if I change the plan/tier?

We have 95 total tiers for Premium. This helps with upgrade/downgrade transitions, and there is also a lower buy in when initially starting Premium.

You will be notified when you can move to a higher tier. You will never lose money with Premium - we will only allow you to move to a higher tier when this is beneficial for you.


Additionally, if you are paying month to month, you can choose to switch to our annual contract at a later date. 

What determines my plan level?

Publishers are placed in a specific plan level based on their last 30 days of Ezoic Ad Partner revenue - this does not include Premium Ad Partner revenue. You can see the ranges when viewing the plans.


My tier has dropped without me making any changes

If you consistently receive less traffic or earnings and dip below your plan's monthly revenue quota (see what determines my plan level), you will be automatically dropped into a lower tier so that what you pay will reflect this. This feature is in place to protect you to ensure you are not losing money with Premium.

We will never move you into a higher tier without first asking your permission.


You can see the history of your plan changing in the 'Change History' tab.


How does Premium Revenue work?

Check out this article -  What Are Premium Ad Partners?

Can I move from a Monthly to a Yearly plan later?

Yes, if you are on the Monthly plan you can choose to move to Annual at any time and change your plan.

How do I change plans from Monthly to Yearly / Yearly to Monthly? 

To change plans all you need to do is follow these 5 Steps in your Premium Dashboard:

1. Go to 'Account Details'

2. Under 'Active Subscriptions', select the “...

3. Select 'Change Plan'


4. Select 'Monthly', 'Annual' or 'Multi-Year'. Multi-Year has the best ROI.


5. Save changes

Will Premium affect normal Monthly Ad Revenue?

Premium earnings are separate from your Ezoic Ad Partner Earnings, so the Premium Revenue you are seeing is on top of what you have made on Ezoic Ad Partner earnings.

Where can I see Premium earnings?

There are a number of places you can see these earnings:

1. Ezoic Dashboard > 'Home' > Ad Partner Estimated Earnings


2. Premium Overview in Premium Dashboard 


3. Earnings Report



How can I book a Premium Review?

Publishers on the 'Preferred' or 'Elite' tiers can book a Premium site review (quarterly or monthly depending on your tier) with our team using the 'Schedule Site Review' option:


Still haven't found the answer you are looking for? Check out the FAQs page in your Premium Dashboard: Premium FAQ

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