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What Are Premium Ad Partners?

Modified on: Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

All publishers sending traffic through Ezoic will earn revenue from Ezoic Ad Partners. 

Any publishers that have connected existing Ad Partners via the Mediation App will also accrue revenue from these ad partners as they compete with each other and Ezoic Ad Partners for revenue.

However, Ezoic Premium Members can also earn revenue from Premium Ad Partners.

Premium revenue is earned by establishing programmatic guaranteed deals with specific advertisers who are interested in your inventory. These deals are typically offered at very high CPM rates, often above $50, but are limited to a specific amount of inventory. When using Ezoic, these deals must still compete against the rest of the real-time auction in order to be displayed.


Premium revenue is calculated (or predicted when data isn't available) by taking your total earnings and subtracting from it what you would have otherwise received for the same inventory without Premium. Premium earnings = additional earnings.

How can I view my Premium earnings?

You can view your Premium earnings via your dashboard: 'Home' > 'Ad Partner Estimated Earnings' > 'View Earnings Report'.


You can then take a look at your daily earnings by hovering over the graph. 


There are six columns in the Earnings Dashboard:


All columns provide details regarding the revenue that has accrued in your Ezoic account.

Earnings (5) represent the total amount an account has earned during the selected time period. 


Columns 2, 3, and 4 represent the different sources of that revenue, including the revenue generated from Premium ad partners.

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