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Uploading Video with Humix

Modified on: Wed, 15 Nov, 2023

Humix provides flexible options for expanding your video library with new content or revising existing content within your video library, also known as your Studio.

Uploading Video

To add videos, choose one of the following that suits your specific needs:

  1. Upload New Video - drag & drop a video file from your computer and follow the stepper guide
  2. Upload Video Batch - use MRSS file URL to upload videos from your feed
  3. Import from YouTube - select your channel and import videos in batch

We support the most common video formats, including mp4, avi and ts. We do not support files encoded with the av1 codec.

To get started with these methods, click "Studio" from the left menu and then "Add New Video” tab where you will see these three options:


Method 1: Upload New Video

When you select the “Upload New Video” button, you will see a video stepper that will guide you through a 6-step process to add important information to your video being added.


Upload Video:

On the right side of the screen, there’s a large button that says “Upload Video”, simply click on that button and select the file you wish to upload, or you can drag & drop your video file into the box. 

Once your video is uploaded and processed, you will be able to change the following:

Video Privacy:
  • When set to public, we will serve the video on your pages if you insert the video on a page.
  • When set to private, we do not serve the video on your pages. This is a good option if you are just testing how the video upload works, or if you’ve changed your mind about displaying a video you’ve inserted on multiple pages and don’t want it to appear anymore.
Thumbnail Image:
  • You can change how the thumbnail will appear for your video on your pages. Our technology automatically generates a few thumbnail options from your video, but you can also click the “Upload Thumbnail” button and use your own customized thumbnails. Once you upload your thumbnail, you’ll need to click on the “Choose Thumbnail” dropdown and select which thumbnail you want to use for your video. Don’t forget to click the “Save” button on the top left portion of the stepper screen.
Start Time & Video Duration:
  • Choose a custom time to start the video so viewers are taken to a specific section of the video. This is helpful if you have a custom intro that you want to skip.

Once you have those setup, you can proceed through the steps by simply clicking on the step number, or use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons at the bottom of the stepper.

Step 1: Video Details

Add a title and description that supports what your video content is about. These are required fields and help with SEO.

As soon as you have entered those fields, you will now have the option to add the video to a playlist already created from the dropdown.

Step 2: Tags

Add tags that help organize your videos in your Studio. The name field is to give the tag an identifiable label, and the value field is the characteristic you want to be associated with the tag. 

(see screenshot for example names and values)

Step 3: SEO

Add keywords (enter one per line) that relate to your video to improve rankings in search results. Hit enter/return after typing a keyword so that each word is on its own line.

Select up to 4 IAB categories that relate to your video that help with how it is categorized on the Humix video network (if sharing is enabled) and can also help show more relevant video ads. 

Step 4: Links

You can add links that appear at the top of your video when displayed on your own webpage. This is helpful for redirecting users to other related pages on your website, or even affiliate links for products in your video. Click "Add a Link" to enter the text you want to be displayed, and paste the URL you want the viewers to be taken to upon clicking. 

Step 5: Closed Captions

There are two ways to add a transcription:

  • Upload - import a .VTT file and select the language closed captions are in 
  • Generate - automatically create closed captioning from the audio of your video. You will be able to audit and modify the closed captions before they are used.

You will be able to see all transcriptions in the table to easily edit or delete captions.

Step 6: Advanced Settings

The final step is to toggle on/off "Restrict by Referrer". When on, other websites are prevented from using iFrames to use your video on their website.
Note: we don't make the iFrame code publicly available.

Once you are done with all 6 steps, make sure you hit the Save button in the top left corner of the upload process.


Method 2: Upload Video Batch from MRSS Feed

This method is fairly simple, all you need to do is provide the valid URL of your MRSS feed, then select which video embed ID you'd like to assign the video to, and Humix takes care of all the rest.

As long as the video embed ID exists on the page associated with the video, the videos from that feed will be added to the page.


Method 3: Import from YouTube

When you click the Import from YouTube button, you’ll see a popup to select your channel, and then you'll see videos associated with your YouTube library. Select any videos that you want to import and click “Save”. 


Note: If you have not yet authorized your YouTube account, you’ll see a popup that prompts you to go to the Channel menu on your dashboard to link your channel. Once you have authorized and signed in accordingly, you'll see your videos from YouTube that can be imported.

We cannot import videos that are set to "Private" on your YouTube account, and we currently have an upload limit of 10 videos at a time.

Where are videos once they’ve been uploaded or imported?

All of the videos that you have imported or uploaded will appear below the upload area on the "Add New Video" tab. Videos will appear in the grid in upload date order (most recent first) by default.

Each video in the grid will display snapshot information about the video. Use the Sort By or Filter By dropdowns to adjust the grid to your search parameters. Edit videos by clicking the pencil icon which will take you back to the stepper, or click the 'x' to delete the video from your library. Don't worry - we will confirm that you want to delete the video in case clicked by accident.


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