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What is my Site Score?

Modified on: Sun, 23 Jul, 2023

Understanding your Site Score

Site Scores are the latest feature addition to Ezoic | Levels with a focus on monetization best practices! Your Site Score gives you an easy to understand way to know your Ezoic Monetization setup is making use of all tools and optimizations you need to ensure every impression is earning you the most revenue possible.

Site Scores gives you a set list of tasks that can be completed across Ezoic products that will not only help you be more successful, but also help you Level-Up even faster! Each domain in your account has its own Site Score so be sure to complete these tasks across all domains in your account.



  • Overall Score

    Your Overall Score is a clear depiction of the quality of your monetization setup while using Ezoic. It is highly encouraged to complete as many tasks across all categories to improve your score as well as increase the performance of your Ezoic monetization setup.

    Each domain in your account has an Overall Score with the primary domain used to earn your boost. You can view your Overall score for each domain in your account by using the drop down menu located underneath your Overall Score.

  • My Optimizations & the Boost

Tasks listed within the “Top Optimizations” area contribute towards unlocking a 5% boost to your Ezoic Levels progression. As you level-up while using Ezoic, new tasks may be highlighted in this area to complete, however, you are encouraged to complete tasks in all categories in advance to improve your “Overall Score”.

  • Monetization Tasks

    There are a total of 26 monetization focused tasks that can be completed to improve your “Overall Score”. You are able to complete these in any order and are encouraged to complete as many tasks as you can. Tasks found within the “experienced” category may not apply to every site, however they will bring an extra advantage to your Ezoic Setup if you choose to implement them.

    There are a total of 5 categories of monetization tasks:

    • Beginner
    • Novice
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
    • Experienced

  • Issues

Occasionally, you may find that you have an “Issue” showing within your “Top Optimizations” window. These tasks work differently in that you want to reduce their impact to your monetization setup. A lower score is better for issues and clearing them entirely is best. A score of 0/100 will remove the issue from view.


Can I complete tasks not listed in the “Top Optimizations” window?

Yes and we highly encourage you to do so!! By completing tasks across all categories you will ensure your Ezoic Monetization setup is performing at its absolute best.

What is the boost?

By completing the tasks featured in the “Top Optimizations” window you are able to unlock a 5% boost towards your progression to your next Ezoic Level. Once earned you will see the boost “Unlocked” and blue progression displayed in your Level progression bar!

Can I lose my boost?

Yes. If you make any changes that no longer complete a given task your overall score will decrease and the task will be added back to the “My Optimizations” category.

Leveling-Up may also present new tasks that need to be completed to maintain your boost in your new level. To avoid this, proactively complete tasks across all categories to ensure your boost is active at each level.

What is my “primary” domain?

Your primary domain is the top earning domain in your account and is used to earn your boost. If you have more than one site in your account you will still want to complete as many optimization tasks across all categories to ensure your setup is within best practices across all domains in your account.

How many boosts are available?

Currently there is only one 5% boost attainable by completing the monetization tasks. The boost is account wide and is earned using your primary domain.

Does the boost increase my earnings and traffic by 5%?

No. The boost only provides a 5% increase towards the progression of your next level.

What is my Overall Score?

Your Overall Score depicts the health of your monetization setup for the specific domain being viewed. Each site in your account has its own Site Score so you can monitor your monetization setup health for each domain.

Can I earn a boost for each domain in my account?

No. Like your Ezoic Level, your boost is earned by your primary domain and is applied to your entire account.

I don’t see any tasks in the “My Optimizations” window.

Congratulations! You have completed all the tasks needed to unlock your boost. If you have not already done so, begin completing tasks within the category drop down menus to further increase your overall score to ensure you maintain your boost and improve your overall monetization setup.

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