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What is Script Tester?

Modified on: Thu, 8 Dec, 2022

Want to try out the hottest new widget? The coolest new exit popup? The greatest social sharing tool? These things are all so easy to install. But… do they work, or are they overloading visitors; causing poor visitor experiences?

Ezoic’s Script Tester makes it easy to find out how these new features affect:

  • Visitor Behavior
  • Ad Revenue
  • Site Speed
  • and more

- You can find the Script Tester App under the Content section of the Ezoic dashboard. First, click "Settings," then "Content," then finally, "Enable Script Tester"


2 - Next click on "Experiments":


3 - Then "Create New Experiment":


4 - Simply paste a script into Script Tester and Ezoic will test how user behavior and revenue are affected by it. You will also need to give your Experiment a name and select the correct placement area.


If you want to add another experiment repeat steps 2-4 as above. The app will then test scripts one at a time. Scripts will be tested based on the percentages listed in script tester. One at a time. So if four scripts (A, B, C, and D) are set up for 25% each, then only script A will show up 25% of the time and script B will only show 25% of the time but never together.

You can change the percentage that each script is shown by clicking "percentages" in the Script Tester App.


5 - You get complete reporting of the results of each Experiment. You can find these results by clicking "reporting". You can then allow Ezoic to intelligently show it only to visitors that aren’t negatively impacted by it.


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