What is the advantage of using Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator versus doing it yourself?

Modified on: Fri, 29 Jan, 2021

There are many plugins and tools out there that can increase site speed, but many break sites and require tedious work. With the Site Speed Accelerator, you can instantly implement best practices for website speed, Critical CSS, Lazy loading images, Next-Gen Formats, Resizing images, Pre-connecting origins, Script delay, Ad delay, Lazy loading iframes, and more all in the matter of a few minutes. There are no other tools on the web that can replicate all of this on sites with ads.

The benefit of Site Speed Accelerator is it’s like a one-stop shop for speed. Instead of having separate plugins or scripts that minify CSS, serve images in next-gen formats, remove unused CSS, the Site Speed Accelerator has all those features and more baked into a single tool that is designed to work as easy as “on and off”.

This is a benefit to both the publisher’s day-to-day and the objective speed of their site. Because it’s known that, especially with plugins, the more you have, the longer TTFB becomes since plugins have to make callbacks to the origin server to execute.

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