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What is the Objectionable Content filter?

Modified on: Fri, 8 Mar, 2024

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What is 'objectionable content'?

Where is the content filter found?

What to do if you have content flagged as objectionable

How long does the content filter take to update?

What is 'objectionable content'?

When you use the Ezoic monetization system, the A.I monitors every word, on all pages of your site, for objectionable words, and shows each result to you in your Ezoic dashboard. 

The Ezoic system will also prevent Google Ads from showing on content that includes words with 'bad language'. This tool was developed to help you keep your site compliant with Adsense policies and protect you from terms of service violations from Adsense and other network providers. As a Google Publishing Partner, we require all sites using our monetization services to comply with their policies. There isn't a formal appeals process if your site is disabled in Ad Exchange and it may be difficult for you to show Google ads again in the future if you show ads on pages with objectionable content.

If you are unsure what constitutes bad language please check Adsense required content policies here.

We appreciate that there will be some words which for example used in a historical context, for education or health-related purposes you may consider to be acceptable. However we would recommend considering that Adsense may still flag these pages as violatory so it's better to be cautious.

Where is the content filter found?

You can find the content filter in your Ezoic dashboard under the 'Settings' menu:


From here, select 'Content' and then 'Objectionable Content'


The content filter will show the URL affected, the objectionable words which have been found on that page, and how many page views that page has had within a given date range.

What to do if you have content marked as objectionable

If you would like ads to show on these pages again, please consider revising the content to remove not only the words listed, but any controversial context as well.

Top Tips:

Please pay attention in particular to the number of hits being generated for each URL, and if any of these URLs are top landing pages; sites with a lot of objectionable content may be leaving revenue on the table here.

*Also, please note if you have objectionable content in the title of an article and that title shows in your recommended pages widget, this could mean that this content affects many more pages than just the article where the content was originally published.

How long does the content filter take to update?

The report shows occurrences of controversial content within the last 30 days. Once you update your site to remove this content, it will no longer appear in the report following 30 days.

You can check this by adjusting the date range filters in the top left so that the starting date is the day after you removed this content. You should then see the URLs previously flagged disappear from the generated report.

Please remember Ezoic reporting updates at midday PST for data from the day before, so you'd need to make sure that you've given this a little bit of time to update in your dashboard.

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