What is the price for Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator and why isn't it included?

Modified on: Fri, 29 Jan, 2021

The Site Speed Accelerator is free. There are a few paid features we added because they replace the multitude of tools we saw about 60% of our customers already paying for that were ineffective at delivering results. To do this, we offer a tiered plan based on the traffic levels of the user. The subscription starts at $29.99/mo for sites with 50,000 pageviews or less and scales upwards from there.

The paid product includes features that have a cost to us for implementing — aside from the time and energy it took our product team to develop— like serving images in next-gen formats and processing and compressing all the third-party scripts on the page. Additionally, we continue to add features so that Ezoic customers can have a truly fast mobile page speed score without doing tricks like not loading ads on the first page.

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