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Why is Rank Math getting flagged by Leap?

Modified on: Wed, 10 Apr, 2024

You’re most likely seeing this because you saw this in your LEAP dashboard:


Despite being flagged as a conflict, most users will not have an issue with Rank Math SEO. Its status as a conflict serves as a precaution to make sure you aren’t affected. If your site isn't impacted, you skip to the bottom to remove the warning from your dashboard.

This issue only affects sites that have Rank Math SEO activated and are using the Ezoic WordPress plugin’s ad placeholder feature. Both Rank Math SEO and Ezoic make edits to the HTML on your pages and occasionally both will try to make edits to the same place on the page and HTML will get corrupted, which can result in an ill-formatted page.

If you are affected, you will see something like this on your site:


You will also see this in Developer tools on Chrome: 


If neither of these appears on your site, you are in clear and can continue using both Rank Math SEO and the Ad Placeholders as you currently are and can skip ahead to remove the warning from your dashboard.

If you do see cases of corrupted HTML, the quickest solution is to still use both plugins would be to disable and delete the placeholder that conflicts with Rank Math SEO’s edits. 

When the placeholder has been removed, verify that the HTML isn’t corrupted and that the page renders as expected.

If you no longer wish to use Rank Math SEO, then deactivating it will also so solve this issue and the warning will disappear on its own.

To remove the warning from your dashboard, simply click the “X” in the top right corner of the warning frame.

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