Sometimes it is both helpful and useful for Ezoic to have 'read and analyze only' access to your Google Analytics history. It is very easy to share read-only access with us - just follow these simple steps!

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics

  2. In the left-hand bottom corner, click Admin
  3. Navigate to the Account/Property/View you would like to grant Ezoic 'read and analyze' access
  4. In the Account, Property, or View column (depending upon whether you want to add users at the account, property, or view level), click User Management
  5. In the Account users list, click +, then click Add new users

  6. Enter the email address for Ezoic's Google Account, select 'Notify new users by email', and checkmark 'Read & Analyze' permissions. Learn more about permissions
  7. Click Add.