In order for Ezoic to test and optimize your site’s layout and ad placements, you will need to be integrated with our system. This will allow Ezoic to test new layouts for your site while keeping your original layout and content exactly the same.There are a few different ways you can do this...

Nameservers: connecting with Ezoic's CDN

The most common (and recommended) method of integration is to connect to Ezoic's CDN by pointing your name servers to Ezoic. We use Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) with four data centres around the world to serve the site quickly and reliably. All you need to do is update your name servers at your domain’s registrar. This allows Ezoic to sit in between your users and your host, similar to a proxy. Changing nameservers does not affect your host and you can continue to work on your site and update the content as you normally would, without interruption.

You can find some of the most common registrars along with instructions on how to update name servers here. If you don’t see your registrar, let us know ( and we will add it!


Ezoic is partnered with CloudFlare, so if you already use CloudFlare the integration is super simple. All you need to do is ‘Install’ the CloudFlare app in the Apps section of your Ezoic dashboard. This will allow you to use CloudFlare and Ezoic simultaneously.


Publishers can also integrate easily using the Ezoic WordPress plugin. It allows publishers to integrate via WordPress without disrupting any aspect of their website.




Publishers can also integrate by putting a snippet of code provided by Ezoic onto their site. We do not recommend this integration method. Although it seems easy, it is poor in comparison to the other integration methods for user experience. Also, we don’t recommend using the JS integration method if your site receives more than 30k visitors/month.



All methods of integration are 100% reversible. If you aren’t getting the results you had hoped for, you can remove integration at any time and your site reverts to its original layout.