The Mediation App is a great way for you to make sure you are getting paid the most for every ad impression on your site.

The Mediation App works by letting your own ad network accounts compete on Ezoic traffic against Google's Ad Exchange and Ezoic's other ad partners for the ad inventory on your site. Whoever is willing to pay the most wins the impression, ensuring you're paid the highest amount possible.  

For example, if you link your AdSense account to Ezoic via the Mediation App, your AdSense account would be able to compete for the ad inventory against the Ad Exchange. If your own account is willing to pay more than the Ad Exchange, it will win the impression. 

On the Ezoic dashboard you'll see the 'Mediation Ad Partner' earnings reported. This is the revenue generated by your Adsense on the Ezoic % of traffic. Money collected through mediation will be paid by Google to your own account and be reported in Ezoic as 'Mediation Earnings'. Any other earnings on traffic going to your original site are handled separately from Ezoic.  

This adds another layer of competition that really benefits publishers!

*To use mediation with AdSense you will need to be part of the AdSense Certified Partner Program. To get an invitation link please email your Ezoic representative or and they can send you an invite link!

To enable the Mediation App follow these easy steps. 

1) Go to the App Store and install the Mediation App.

2) Select the Ad Network you would like to compete against AdX.

3) Add details and save settings. The requested information may vary based on the ad network.

4) View your earnings in Reportings > Earnings. Your earnings will report both the earnings from Ezoic ads and those from your own networks through the Mediation App.