Download error & objectionable content monitoring guide

When you use the Ezoic system it monitors every word, on all pages of your site, for objectionable words and shows this in a report to you in your Ezoic dashboard. It will also prevent Google Ads from showing on content that includes words with 'bad language'.

It's helpful because this data is reported back to you and lists the pages that Ezoic has NOT shown Google Ads on due to content that is unappealing to advertisers (and which may breach AdSense's Terms of Service).

By not showing ads, the Ezoic system will protect your site from terms of service violations with Google and other ad networks. If you would like ads to show on these pages, please consider revising the content to remove not only the words listed, but any controversial context as well.

You can locate the report in your Ezoic account under Monitoring > Objectionable Content (see screenshot below). 

The report shows occurrences of controversial content within the last 30 days. Once you update your site to remove this content, it will no longer appear in the report following 30 days.