In the Ezoic Earnings Dashboard, there are six columns.

  1. Visits
  2. Ezoic Ad Partners
  3. Mediation Ad Partners
  4. Premium Ad Partners
  5. Earnings
  6. EPMV


All columns provide details regarding the revenue that has accrued in your Ezoic account.

Earnings represent the total amount an account has earned during the selected time period. Columns 2,3, and 4 represent the sources of that revenue.

All Ezoic publishers sending traffic through Ezoic will earn revenue from Ezoic Ad Partners. All integrated sites earn revenue through these Ezoic partners.

Any publishers that have connected existing Ad Mediation Ad Partners through Mediation will also accrue revenue from these ad partners as they compete with each other and Ezoic Ad Partners for revenue.

The column for Premium Ad Partners is only relevant for Ezoic Premium Members.

Only Ezoic Premium Members can earn revenue from Premium Ad Partners.

Premium revenue is often generated through the use of programmatic guaranteed deals with specific advertisers that are interested in your inventory. These guaranteed deals tend to be at very high CPM rates (often above $50 cpms) but only on a limited amount of inventory. In order to display Premium Revenue to you in the Ezoic reporting, we calculate (or predict when data isn't available) the delta between what you would have received for the same inventory without Premium and display only the increase to you as Premium Revenue. When you're viewing your Premium Revenue numbers, you can be sure that there is no lost opportunity and that any additional revenue added through premium sources is on top of what could have been achieved through other sources.