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GDPR: An Overview

What is the GDPR?

On May 25th 2018 a new European privacy regulation called the General Data Protection Regulation went into effect within all EU member states and applies to any organization that processes, stores, accesses or hosts the personal data of EU residents regardless of the organization’s physical location. The GDPR was formed to coordinate data privacy laws across Europe and safeguard EU residents data privacy. Google directs publishers here for more information:



Ezoic and GDPR: What do I need to know?

Publishers that collect and store PII (Personally Identifiable Information) need to let their users know that it is being collected, and they need to grant users the ability to remove that information (‘opt out’) should they wish. Additionally, Google will offer a non-targeted ad monetization option via AdSense. 


How has Ezoic prepared for GDPR?

Starting on May 25th 2018, Ezoic will be fully compliant with GDPR:   

  1. Ezoic will encrypt IP addresses 
  2. Ezoic will offer users the ability to remove tracking of any sites you they have visited. 
  3. Ezoic will offer publishers the ability to update their cookie collecting notifications.


GDPR and Ezoic: FAQs

Who will be shown the modal prompt?

The modal prompt will only appear for EU residents - so using IPs and relating them back to geolocations, the location of the user will be determined, and if they are within the EU, they will be shown the modal prompt. If they are not within the EU, then they will not be shown the modal prompt.


How can Ezoic help with GDPR?

Ezoic have created a Consent Management App to help you with compliance and managing your user cookie consent, or to enable you to have your own consent management platform work with Ezoic. Click here to get started with the Consent Management App now.


Is there an extra fee for Ezoic’s Consent Management App?

No - Ezoic’s Consent Management App is free for all Ezoic publishers - you can download it from your App Store in your Ezoic Dashboard.


Can I use a third-party modal provider? 

There are some third-party modal and consent management providers.  Many of them charge for the service. If you want to use one of these instead of Ezoic’s free app you can make that selection in the app and follow the in-app instructions. 


What if I already have my own modal prompt?

The “3rd Party Consent Management” setting can be enabled if you have already taken steps towards making your original site compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, which came into effect on 25th May 2018. If you are using another consent tool, for example Cookiebot, our tool allows publishers to link your own Consent Dialog with Ezoic’s in order that Ezoic’s tool can call back to your 3rd Party Consent tool. Within the Consent Management App you can click “Go to third party instructions” to retrieve the scripts you need to integrate this. Then click “Save Settings”. Please see this article for more information on how to implement:

Installing the Consent Management App


*Please make sure you implement this correctly to make sure ads can show to EU visitors on Ezoic versions where consent is indicated.


What about my personal data protection with Ezoic?

Ezoic improves your internet experiences by storing some basic information about your browsing history. You have the right to view the information that Ezoic have collected about you and to request the deletion of any personal information we may have. You can use this data lookup tool to complete these actions.

Any more information?

You can install Ezoic’s Consent Management App from your Ezoic Dashboard. 

As soon as we have any further updates, they will be published in this article. If anything in this article has raised any queries - or you have any questions at all - please feel free to reach out to your account manager directly, or to the support team at support@ezoic.com and we will be able to help. 

For more information on GDPR, please see the following links: