What is Load Balancing?
Essentially, you can think of 'load balancing' as something that shares - or distributes - workload for servers. Overall, it strives to minimize load times by enhancing resources.

Load balancing and Ezoic: how does it work?
Ezoic uses AWS Cloud Computing, and has ten primary data centers. These are accompanied by numerous smaller distribution centers around the globe, and will always serve content from the fastest possible server for each individual site reader. The system scales up as needed and can open up new data centers in necessary geolocations at short notice. The system is also load balanced across 100 fully redundant servers.

Ezoic's Infrastructure 
Ezoic's infrastructure is some of the most robust out there. The system handles 1.3 billion user events per day, across 650 million pageviews, with >99.9% uptime. It also provides an additional layer of failover systems to help sites stay up and running even when they might otherwise go down. As an example of robustness of the system - in the DYN cyberattak of 2016 (described as the 'largest of its kind in history') many major ISPs went down- not a single visit going via Ezoic's servers was affected.

Got a question that wasn't answered here?
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