Ad Tester Uses Proprietary A.I. To Learn What Users Like

There are millions of potential ad combinations on any given publisher website. Every single ad has a measurable and definable affect on their ad earnings and users’ experience. We’ve found that all ads affect the user experience too. The only way to know which ad combinations work for which user, is to test all possible combinations; which (for a medium sized site) would take a single human over 20 years to do. Ezoic’s Ad Tester is an easy-to-use application for publishers that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to automatically tests all of the possible ad combinations on a site. It tests thousands of new ad combinations and learns from user reactions to determine optimal ad combination for each individual visitor. The Ezoic Ad Tester application sits ‘on top’ of a publisher's existing configuration and allows users to automatically optimize their site for both user experience metrics and ad earnings at the same time. Ad Tester optimizes based on as multitude of important factors including ad position, ad size, ad density ( in user session AND per page), ad proximity , ad type, and ad changes by landing page, geography, device size, browser, traffic source and time of day (this is not an exhaustive list). A feat unachievable by means other than Ad Tester.

Why It Works...

Ad Tester is powered by an artificial intelligence system that learns and understands how all aspects of a user’s session affects everything else. Simple site optimizations, like showing different ad combinations by traffic source (Facebook traffic or Google traffic should get bespoke ad treatments) and device size (iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy 5s), have a huge effect on user metrics and publisher ad revenue. Ezoic takes this several stages beyond that, by automatically configuring the publisher's site to an optimal state of UX
and ad earnings for each user, no matter what their profile. Our aim is that each user gets a uniquely optimized experience.

Why Publishers Love It...


Getting started is easy. All publishers have to do is integrate with the Ezoic platform and download our Chrome Extension to start adding ‘Ezoic placeholders’ (potential ad positions) to their site where they’d like to test ads. Once these placeholders are added, Ezoic uses them as alternatives to begin testing. Over time, the system find out which permutations of ads, by device, work better than others. Some user groups might respond better to native ads, others to fewer ads early in a user session and more ads later in the session. The data will feed the system to select the best configurations for each user who is visiting the site.