SSL is fully compatible with Ezoic’s technology. Since you integrate with the platform at the DNS level, we need to make sure that Ezoic has the correct configuration set up so that you can continue serving the site securely.

Learn more about SSLs and moving your site to HTTPS here.

Please follow the flowchart below to figure out the required action to make integration work. 

See below for further information. 

For Cloudflare Integration

Strict and Full

How it works: The client initiates an HTTPS request. The request goes to Cloudflare first. Cloudflare decrypts the request and then forwards it to Ezoic as an HTTPS request. Ezoic also has the SSL certificate and decrypts the request. Ezoic then makes a call using HTTPS to the site’s origin server to get the content, optimizes the page, and then returns the content to Cloudflare, who returns to the user. 


  • Site is integrated with Ezoic via Cloudflare app (using Cloudflare name servers)
  • Site is using Cloudflare Strict or Full SSL
  • SSL Certificate/Key are uploaded to Ezoic or SSL app is installed in Ezoic’s dashboard