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What is the Excluded Pages App?

How to Exclude a URL 

How to Exclude a Meta Tag

What is the excluded pages App? 

The excluded pages app allows you exclude specific URLs and directories from testing. The app can be found under the content tab in your Ezoic Dashboard.

How to Exclude a URL

You can exclude a single URL from testing by clicking '+ Add Excluded URL' in the main app interface:

You will then be taken to this page where you'll be able to enter the URL of the page you'd like to exclude: 

You only need to add the URL path after the root domain name e.g.  if you wanted to exclude ads from https://www.joebloggs.com/examplepage1 you'd just enter /examplepage1 in the box. Then click 'Add Excluded page' to save the rule.

You can also exclude directories by selecting 'Directory from the Rule Target drop down menu. Remember to include a '/' at the end of the url path if this is the case. You can also exclude by url regex as well from this drop down menu if required. 

How To Exclude a Meta Tag

You can set up exclusion rules for specific meta tags by clicking the 'Exclude meta tag' button in the main app interface. It will take you to this page, where you can enter the meta name and content that you wish to exclude from testing: 

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