Time-Related Website Sees Improvements After Using Ezoic

This time-related publisher started using Ezoic in the fall of 2016. Their website included content related to a popular time zone and also featured additional related content. It currently ranks #1 in organic search for several very high volume keywords. Prior to starting with Ezoic, they were interested in optimizing both user experience and revenue for their website. The site averaged approximately 1.5 million visitors per month. 

The site decided to start testing ad combinations to improve site performance. They elected to use the Ezoic platform to automatically perform these tests; since Ezoic allows sites the ability to partition only small amounts of their traffic to testing in the beginning (allowing the majority of their traffic to go their original site for comparison). 

The site started by only testing 15% of their website with the Ezoic system. After initial results showed significant progress over their existing site, the publisher ultimately increased the amount of traffic they sent to Ezoic to 90%. 

In only a couple of months, this time related publisher saw improvements in ad revenue, bounce rate, pageviews per visit, and session duration. 


Publisher Quickly Sees Major Lift in Revenue 

This publisher saw improvements in their earnings per thousand visitors (EPMV) within the first month of using Ezoic. EPMV allowed them to compare apples with the non-Ezoic version of their site by simply accounting for earnings accumulated per visitor basis. 

After just five months of automated testing and optimization, the website saw uplifts in desktop revenue by 79%, and tablet revenue by 17%. 

Ezoic gives site owners the ability to configure testing to their specifications, so this publisher originally elected to exclude mobile testing early on; which is why mobile revenue remained stagnant. 

In addition to the unprecedented and exceptional improvements in website revenue, this publisher also saw dramatic improvement in site performance related to user experience. 

Website improves both revenue and user experience metrics

Since the Ezoic system always optimizes ad combinations and website elements for both revenue and user experience, this publisher also saw dramatic improvements in session duration, bounce rate, and pageviews per visit by testing and optimizing their site using the Ezoic platform.

In the first five months, this publisher saw...

  • An increase in session duration of 1:09
  • A 43% reduction in bounce rate
  • A 5% improvement in pageviews per visit

After seeing these results, the publisher elected to send more traffic to the Ezoic system; as Ezoic has shown that the more time a site spends on the platform, the more dramatic overall improvements tend to be. 

About Ezoic

Ezoic is a Google award-winning artificial intelligence platform that allows users to automatically optimize ads, configure content, and leverage ad mediation to increase ad earning and improve user experience on their website. 

The Ezoic platform features a number of different applications and tools designed to help website owners simplify the testing and optimization of elements of their site that are scientifically proven to impact ad revenue and user experience metrics. 

While all site results vary, it has been statistically proven that website ad revenue increases are proportional to time spent using the Ezoic testing and optimization platform. 

Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Thousands of publishers from across the world depend on Ezoic to help them improve and grow their site. 

To learn more about Ezoic visit www.ezoic.com.