When you integrate with Ezoic using name servers or Cloudflare, you place Ezoic's proxy between your site and your users.

If you change hosting or your site is moved to a new IP address, you just need to update the DNS information at Ezoic so that the system can continue to call back to your content. This also applies to sites with CloudFlare Name Servers, because Ezoic will act as the ‘master record’ for the site’s DNS records.

How to edit your DNS records:

(1) Log into your Ezoic dashboard and navigate to 'Settings':

(2) Scroll down to DNS Settings:

(3) Here you can 'Add DNS Record' to insert an entirely new record or use the icons under 'Action' to edit/delete existing records.

If your content has moved to a new IP, find the relevant records and choose the pencil icon under 'Action':

Then update the 'Value' area to match the site's new IP:

Adding a subdomain
You can add a new subdomain by clicking ‘add record’. If you would like this subdomain to run through the Ezoic system, feel free to contact support@Ezoic.com and ask the team to turn it ‘on’ in the back end of the system.

Extra Help
Not sure? If you aren’t sure what to change or would just like a second pair of eyes, feel free to send over a copy of your new DNS records to support@ezoic.com and our team will be glad to help you out!