The impact of Ezoic on a website's organic search traffic

Ezoic is a Google award-winning artificial intelligence platform that allows users to automatically optimize ads, configure content, and leverage ad mediation to increase ad earnings and improve user experiences on their website.

One of the unique attributes of the Ezoic artificial intelligence platform is its ability to optimize towards user experience metrics like bounce rate, session duration, and pageviews per visit. These play a critical role in website monetization and overall on-site user experiences; however, they also happen to be some of the most critical factors for search engine optimization (SEO) as well.

In the study below, we examined the relationship between websites using the Ezoic platform and their corresponding improvements in organic search traffic, organic keyword rankings, avg. bounce rate, avg. session duration, and avg. pageviews per visit.

While SEO improvements are not an outwardly marketed quality of the Ezoic system, this information provides a clear picture of the value that the Ezoic system can bring to this dimension of a website’s growth practices. In all of these cases, Ezoic’s website optimizations perfectly mirror search ranking and search traffic improvements on all of these websites.


The impact of Ezoic on's organic search results started using Ezoic to maximize revenue while also taking into account user experiences on their site. An unexpected and welcome result of their testing and optimization efforts was a significant lift in organic search positioning. From June 2015 to present has...

● Grown organic traffic over 300%
● Increased keywords that rank in Google by 600%
● Increased ad earnings by 400%

These positive improvements correlate directly with optimizations that were the result of Ezoic’s testing.

After the first few months of testing, the ultimate improvements in pageviews
and pageviews per visit correlated directly with the increases in organic traffic.
Furthermore, in this timespan Ezoic was able to drop bounce rate by 20% and increase session duration by approximately 120% resulting in a +793,000 increase in organic keywords that the website ranked for in search engines.


How used Ezoic to dominate organic search results

Screenshot_seo_4.png started using Ezoic in an attempt to maximize their ad earnings potential. Their testing and optimization efforts also yielded user experience metric improvements that resulted in dramatic search engine ranking increases. In only 8 months, saw…

● A 10x uplift in website revenue from ads
● Organic traffic grow by +300%
● Average session duration increase by approximately 1 minute