Here at Ezoic, we're really excited about the lengths at which we can test your site, and we know you will be too. Here's a few reasons:

1. It's free! Joining Ezoic and using Ezoic's nameservers is totally free and is likely to earn you more revenue - it's truly a win-win scenario!

2. It gives you access to loads of extra benefits and features for free. You'll gain access to:
Ezoic's worldwide CDN

Ezoic's exclusive Chrome Extension

Ezoic's Big Data Analytics which allows you to track visitor behaviour    and user intent on your website, you can use this to see how things      like word count impacts revenue or page engagement

Ezoic's Mediation App to link up your existing ad networks to Ezoic

Ezoic's Layout Tester Tool

Ezoic's Ad Tester Tool 

3. You keep total control. An important point to remember is that changing nameservers is not the same as changing your hosting. You can always change your nameservers back at any time, you retain ultimate control over whether you keep the service, you can remove integration at any point and with immediate effect.

4. You can test whilst making no changes to your original setup which means it's super easy to get started, we could even have you up and running in the same day!

5. You will continue to update your content as normal. Ezoic has no influence over your content creation and you can continue to update your content as you normally would, without change.

automated website testing

Want more options?

Another option is to integrate through CloudFlare by installing the CloudFlare app in the Ezoic interface. CloudFlare is one of the world’s largest CDNs and is currently processing more then 5% of the world's internet traffic. Ezoic is partnered with CloudFlare, and if you are already using their service, integration is as easy as installing an app. You can find more information on integrating via CloudFlare in this article.

Got a question that wasn't answered here?

Feel free to reach out to Ezoic's support team at and they'll endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible!