Testing new Placements

When the system begins to test new ad placements, Ezoic ad tags will replace your original ad tags for the portion of traffic you are testing with. The revenue from the test layouts will collect in your Ezoic account. On your original layout (the control) your original ad tags will remain as-is and you will continue to collect revenue and update your content as you always have done.

Ads served by Ezoic will come from Google’s ad exchange (AdX). We have set up a real-time bidding system for 250+ premium ad networks (including AdSense). This competitive ecosystem can help you secure higher eCPM's, resulting in more income. However, the main increases in revenue come from the optimized placement of the ads.

Mediation & Ezoic

If you choose to use Mediation on your site, your own ad networks will compete for your ad inventory on Ezoic traffic against Google's Ad Exchange and Ezoic's other ad network partners. Whoever is willing to pay the most gets the impression, ensuring you're paid the highest amount possible. The revenue generated through Mediation is attributed to the Ezoic traffic, but will collect in your own ad accounts. 

This adds another layer of competition that really benefits publishers!

You can find more information about the Mediation app here.

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