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Ad Tester Addition to the Ezoic WordPress Plugin - Troubleshooting

Modified on: Sat, 18 May, 2024

Ezoic’s Wordpress plugin currently allows users to better integrate their site with Ezoic’s backend systems. This includes the ability to flush Ezoic’s cache as well as create a local cache of their site. This addition to the plugin will allow new users to create a default set of ad placeholders and have them automatically placed in Ezoic-recommended locations on their site. As the need arises, or if the theme being used requires it, the user may also relocate the placeholders as needed via a variety of options.

This article is designed to help answer some of the most common issues that have arisen during the testing stage of the Ad Inserter's rollout.  For a more general guide to the Ad Inserter and how it works, please see this article here.

I already have a pre-existing placeholder set-up. Can I use the Ad Inserter to re-do or add to my set-up?

If the user already has placeholders that were created either within the publisher dashboard or by using the Chrome extension, WordPress placeholders will not be automatically created upon install of the plugin. This is to avoid confusion and the accidental doubling-up of placeholders which may occur when both the new and old placeholders are generated on the page. If the user would like to use the generated placeholders, they may click on the “Generate Default Placeholders” button that appears on the Ad Settings page:


Note that this will add to rather than entirely replace the pre-existing placeholder set-up. It's not recommended that you entirely replace the pre-existing placeholder set-up (as placeholders that have been created historically will have already been tested for their impact on the optimization process), but if you would prefer to do so, you can delete these placeholders manually via either the publisher dashboard or Chrome Extension.

How can I tell the difference between placeholders created using the plugin and Chrome Extension / publisher dashboard?

The key difference is that the placeholders created using the WordPress plugin feature “wp_” before the name of the placeholder.


I have activated the plugin, but when I visit “Ad Settings” I receive a message stating that I am not eligible for monetization and cannot manage my new placeholders.

Ad settings and default placeholder creation is only available to publishers that are monetization eligible - this includes publishers that are approved, pending, or pre-approved for monetization. Once monetization is enabled, deactivate and reactivate the plugin.

The plugin did not generate the default placeholders when I installed it.

If there are already placeholders configured for your domain, the plugin will not automatically generate placeholders. The system assumes that existing placeholders have already been configured for the site and have been collecting revenue and click metrics. If you would like to make use of the default placeholders and positioning, you can manually generate the placeholders by visiting the “Ad Settings” section of the plugin settings page and click on the button labelled, “Generate Default Placeholders.” You may also be able to generate the default placeholders by disabling all current placeholders and deactivating and reactivating the plugin.

I have one or two placeholders in the wrong position.

Log into the admin console for the site then navigate to Settings then Ezoic. Select the “Ad Settings” tab to edit placeholder placement (instructions above).

My placeholders are all over the place, or move depending on which page I am viewing!

It is likely that your site is using a theme or plugin that alters the page/post structure depending on the content (for example, Elementor). In this case display rules might be created to take this into account and most placeholders will appear incorrectly. An attempt can be made to change placements in the Ad Settings. We are working on modifications to the plugin which will take this behavior into account, stay tuned!

I don’t like the size and or form-factor configuration for my placeholders.

Sometimes an ad can look a bit “off” depending on the form-factor (desktop/mobile/tablet) of the device being used to view the site and the layout of the content. In this case, note the placeholders that you would like to modify and navigate to the Placeholder Dashboard in the publisher portal. You can change ad layouts, alignment, size and other aspects of the ad placement.

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