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Change Name Servers at Aruba

Modified on: Tue, 26 Dec, 2023

Some Things to look out for:

  • Import the records before integration
  • Make sure root record imports
  • Make sure all MX records are there- Aruba tends to have more than others
  • Name Server propagation tends to take longer on Aruba

The following are steps to take to Name Server integrate a Wordpress website hosted on Aruba. This was done by using their most basic hosting package and will hopefully prevent any confusion when integrating with Ezoic. 

We recommend sending your DNS to your Ezoic representative or Ezoic support so we can double check your DNS before you begin.

 Also be sure to screenshot or save origin DNS as after changing Aruba locks you out from viewing your complete DNS.

Editing the Name Servers at Aruba

1. Log on to your Aruba CPanel.


2. Click on DNS and Name Server Management.


3. Once you have clicked through to the following page you must click “Use Other Name Server” option.


4. You’ll be then asked about your mail records. It is best to keep pointing your MX records to Aruba so that they do not go through Ezoic which could cause issues with mailing later on.

*Note that Aruba typically has 7 MX records which is larger than most hosting sites. Ask your Ezoic representative or Ezoic support to import and ensure all records are in place.


5. After a few minutes you will be able to manage your Name Servers once Aruba approves this action.


6. Go to your Ezoic Dashboard and in settings you’ll want to copy and paste the new Name Servers that are shown in your Ezoic Dashboard. Aruba originally uses Name Servers called arubadns and technorail.


7. You now have to paste the Name Servers that are shown in your Ezoic dashboard in the Aruba Settings field that says "Host". You will want to add/input all 4 Name Servers and then select continue.


8. You will be taken back to the main page where you will click “Save Configuration”.


9. Another prompt will come up warning you that you will be changing Name Servers, click “Ok”.


10. After it will give you a warning that things will take about 10 mins before they start to change.

Once this is done go ahead and turn off the Aruba caching if you choose that you want to use Ezoic´s own Caching (recommended).


11. You can go ahead and finish up the necessary changes. It can take up the 24 hours for Name Severs to change around the world and for your site to be fully integrated with Ezoic.


12. Once integrated, test out your Aruba Mail-System to double check everything works fine, which it should if you’ve set the settings up according to this instruction.

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