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Cloudflare conflicting DNS

Modified on: Tue, 9 Jul, 2024

Cloudflare DNS errors

When your site is integrated via Name Servers you can also utilize the Cloudflare app via Ezoic’s account. This can only be done for all subdomains of the domain and not the root***.

There are often DNS conflicts that occur and these will show in your Ezoic dashboard 

"Issue with DNS Records. The Cloudflare app requires changing your DNS \"m\" record from an A record to a CNAME record. However, it is unable to do so because you have multiple records with that hostname of types \"A, TXT\". If you would like to use Cloudflare for your site, please delete the other records"

Below you can see the two records for the domain example.com the two records are mapped to the same IP address.


This error is usually related to the specific subdomain in question causing a conflict, usually if there is another record such as a TXT record that shares the same hostname. In the example above that means that the TXT record also was set to use the “m” hostname.


In order to fix this issue, the A record can usually be changed to a CNAME record that is mapped to the root domain for the DNS zone. This essentially says “all traffic to go to X” as seen below.


It will be a violation to also have an existing DNS record for that entry as well, in the above case the “m” TXT record. If the record was kept it would cause conflicts and so, this can subsequently be deleted, and if there isn't already an existing one, added as an exact replica with the hostname as @ as seen below.


If there are multiple violations where multiple A records are flagged, they can all be consolidated into CNAME records that are mapped to the root record, and the corresponding conflict records deleted providing the respective record exists for the root of the DNS zone.

Additional info:

***Currently we are unable to route the apex of a DNS zone via an ALIAS or CNAME record as this violates RFC which is a document that describes the standards, protocols, and technologies of the Internet and TCP/IP.

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