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Getting Started with Ezoic's SEO Tag Tester

Modified on: Tue, 6 Feb, 2024

What is SEO Tag Tester?

SEO Tag Tester is a free feature within the Ezoic dashboard that allows you to try and optimize different page titles for URLs on your website with artificial intelligence.

Why was Tag Tester created?

Title testing used to be limited to A/B testing, but that method took a lot of calculating and included guesswork on when Google crawled or re-indexed title tags.

Built to bring ease to SEO efforts, Tag Tester makes it easy to test which titles get indexed in search engines and promotes more traffic to your content.

Why is it important to test title tags?

Search engines rank titles with relevant content higher than titles with mismatched content, making title tags a crucial part of how sites appeared in search results.

Using the right title improves click-through rates, decreases bounce rates and increases traffic.


How does Tag Tester work?

Ezoic’s machines perform consecutive variation testing on the title variations you provide for your content and determine which improves SEO performance the most.

Testing takes between one and two weeks and analyzes performance across metrics like: 

  • Average search result ranking in Google 
  • Pageviews
  • Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Click-through rate

Using a sophisticated scoring system, Ezoic automatically determines which variation performed best in search engines and displays the winning title.


Getting Started with SEO Tag Tester

The following must be completed before you can use Tag Tester: 

Under Ezoic Settings → Make sure your site is integrated

  • Learn more about integration here 

Under Ezoic SEO  Authorize or re-authorize Google Search Console 

  • If this has already been completed, the step will be hidden in your dashboard

Setting up a test: 

Step 1: Enable Tag Tester 


Step 2: Create a test group

Groups allow you to organize your testing. We recommend giving the group a meaningful name. 


Step 3: Add Tests

You can add pages two ways—searching for them or selecting from the list of 'Popular Pages'.


When searching for pages to run tests on, you can enter a full or partial URL. For example, all of the following are valid URL patterns:

  • https://www.ezoic.com/ezoic-explains
  • ezoic.com/ezoic-explains
  • ezoic-explains

Searching may take a couple of minutes to complete. Once done, all pages found that match the URL pattern you provided will be displayed.

Select and “add” the pages you would like to create tests for.


If you don't see the URL you're looking for in the list, you can go back and make the URL Pattern more specific.

If you add a test that is already in a different group, you will be asked to confirm moving it to your current group.

Step 4: Add Titles 

Input different titles that you want to test for the URL.

Save & Start the Test (this option is only available if you have less than 3 tests running or have an active Premium subscription). Alternatively, you can save the test and start it later.


Repeat the same process for any additional tests you would like to run.

Step 5: Start Test

If you just saved your test in the previous step and didn't start your test, you can start the test from the Current Step or Actions.

You can view the progress of your test by viewing the results from the Current Step or Actions.


Step 6: View Completed Results 

You can view the results from your test anytime after starting it. However, these results will not be complete until the test has finished.

Once the test has finished, Tag Tester will automatically change the title to the winning variation with the best “Total Score”. You can change it by clicking the edit button beside the "Title to be displayed on URL". 


How to Write Great Title Tags for SEO

Check out this step-by-step guide for writing great title tags for SEO, then test them using SEO Tag Tester!

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