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Getting Started with Flickify

Modified on: Sun, 14 Jan, 2024

What is Flickify?

Flickify is a video maker! Flickify uses AI to convert your written content into professional-looking videos in less than a minute. It is a must-have video tool to quickly and easily make on-brand videos that help tell your content’s story.

How will Flickify benefit me?

Flickify removes the need to hire videographers or editors that use complex editing software, and instead provides you with an automated production process that saves you time and money. Being able to turn your written content into video allows you to diversify your content, improves search engine optimization, creates a new revenue stream, keeps your visitors engaged, and grows your overall site’s usefulness. You can go from having zero video content to a library full of videos you’ve created with minimal effort and are creative and visually appealing.

How do I get access?

Currently, Flickify is only available with an Ezoic account. If you have an Ezoic account, login to your dashboard and click “Flickify” from the top navigation bar. You will first need to accept the terms of use before being able to start creating videos.


Why is there a monthly limit?

At the moment, there is a usage quota that renews at the first of each month to help regulate the volume of produced videos. You can check your usage by clicking on “Plans” from the left menu and then the “Usage Quota” tab to see a progress bar and total count. The Flickify team is working on additional options (other than limits) that will be coming soon!


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