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How Do I Turn Native Ads and Anchor Ads On Or Off?

Modified on: Fri, 7 Jan, 2022

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Native Ads

Anchor Ads

Anchor Ads Settings

Login to your Ezoic account: https://pubdash.ezoic.com/user/login

Native Ads

Native ads are editorial and sponsored content stories that will appear at either the bottom of your site or in a sidebar. In addition to you earning more, they help people discover content they may like yet never knew existed.

There can be an estimated revenue increase of 10%.

To turn on go to Monetization tab in Dashboard and scroll to Native Ad units and click the toggle on. To turn off click toggle to off.


You'll then need to add a native ad placeholder to your site using either the Ad Tester app or Chrome Extension. More information on those can be found here:



Anchor Ads

Anchor Ads are an overlay ad unit which stays at the bottom for a web page as your view the site and scroll the pages.

To turn on go to Monetization tab in Dashboard and scroll to Ad tester to select Anchor Ad Settings.


You can select to turn Anchor Ads on or turn off for the whole site. There is also a choice to have them display only on desktop, mobile or both:


Anchor Ad Settings

You are also able to manage the setting of this Anchor Ad unit placeholder by applying directory and sub domain rules:


Please be aware when making any changes to Native Ads and Anchor Ads, changes will have an impact on revenue.

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