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How Do I Turn Native Ads and Anchor Ads On Or Off?

Modified on: Tue, 21 May, 2024

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Native Ads

Anchor Ads

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Native Ads

Native ads are clickbait-type ads that can provide additional revenue for certain types of sites. They are editorial and sponsored content stories that are usually positioned at either the bottom of your post or in a sidebar. These locations allow you to bring in additional ad revenue when users are most likely about to leave your site.

To turn on Native Ads, first go to the 'EzoicAds' tab in your Dashboard and select 'Ad Types' > 'Native Ads' before setting the toggle to 'ON':


Next, you'll need to add a native ad placeholder to your site using either the Ad Tester app or Chrome Extension. More information on creating placeholders can be found here:



Anchor Ads

Anchor Ads are an overlay ad unit which stays at the bottom of a web page as your readers view the site and scroll the pages.

As you can imagine, this ad format has great viewability and brings in relatively high ad revenue. In fact, the bottom anchor ad tends to be the top-performing ad location on many sites.

To turn on anchor ads, go to the 'EzoicAds' tab in your Dashboard and select 'Ad Types' > 'Anchor Ads' before setting the relevant toggles to 'ON':


You can select to turn Anchor Ads on or turn off for the whole site. There is also a choice to have them enabled depending on the device type (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Additionally, you are able to manage the placement of the Anchor Ad by applying directory and subdomain rules under the 'Ad Restrictions' tab>'Ad Position Rules':


Please be aware when making any changes to Native Ads and Anchor Ads, changes will have an impact on revenue.

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