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How does using the Humix Video Network benefit me and my website?

Geändert am: Thu, 11 May, 2023

How does Humix benefit me?

By sharing your own videos to Humix, you will generate new revenue from your videos being played, and grow your online presence by appearing in video search results and the traffic that drives to your Humix channel page where visitors can also discover more of your shared content. 

By displaying Humix videos on your site (owned by another publisher), you will generate shared revenue from the added network videos on your pages, lift revenue on popular pages that didn't have videos before, and keep your readers engaged longer.

How will I earn revenue for sharing and/or displaying videos with Humix?

Humix videos are monetized with ads; the ad revenue is part of your site’s revenue. Though Humix does not display ads on Humix pages, your dedicated article pages on Humix do have video ads that play and generate video ad revenue on that page.

Consider the total value of videos - by sharing your videos with Humix your website gains more traffic because the video will show in video search results, the Humix dedicated article page provides visitors with a way to view more of your owned videos shared to Humix, and when your site provides quality video content users will have more engagement which is beneficial for your site’s revenue, not just video ads or video revenue.

By displaying videos owned by another publisher, your website provides readers with extra video content increasing engagement, and also earning a shared revenue based on the video play count.

To increase your video earnings, we suggest the following best practices:

  • Create video content that is relevant to your article
  • Make sure you have a searchable title & description that is relevant to your video content
  • Include keywords to help with SEO
  • Video content is optimal when it’s kept to 5 to 30 minutes long
  • Enable autoplay, floating at the top of the page (videos cannot float until the user has viewed the video content on the page)

Revenue earned is viewable from your Humix dashboard for an overview, and more in-depth details from Big Data Analytics under the Humix dropdown.


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