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How To Get A High Google Pagespeed Score

Modified on: Mon, 28 Nov, 2022

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1. Integrate with the Ezoic platform

2. Turn on Leap for all devices

3. Create a new Leap version

4. Choose the settings you'd like to implement on your site

5. Preview your site to make sure everything looks good

6. Preview your new PageSpeed Insights scores

7. Deactivate everything you don't need

8. Activate your new version

9. How fast will my site be with Leap? 

1. Integrate with the Ezoic Platform 

There are three integration methods that will allow you to use Leap:

  1. Cloudflare

  2. Name Servers (same as CDN)

  3. WordPress Plugin

To use all the features of Leap, sites need to integrate via Nameserver or Cloudflare. The WordPress plugin will provide access to some Leap tools, but the plugin itself adds some additional load time that is not optimal for the highest scores in Google. 

If you are looking to improve site speed performance, we recommend using Nameserver or Cloudflare integration long term. 

2. Turn on Leap for all devices

Go to the Leap menu of your dashboard and enable Leap. Turn on speed functionality for all device types, by clicking the toggles next to each device: 



3. Create a new Leap version

Leap uses a versioning system, allowing you to create different sets of speed features that you can test out. Experimentation is at the core of Ezoic's values, and the versioning system allows you to test out different configurations to find what works well for your site!

To create a new version, simply click the Get Started button here: 


4. Choose the settings you'd like to implement on your site


You can use the main category toggles for On/Off as well as tailoring the individual settings using the tick boxes. Simply scroll down to edit this or use the Advanced Settings option for further options such as Exclusion Rules.

IMPORTANT: Make sure caching is activated if you use the Ezoic caching features or Ezoic’s CDN.


5. Preview your site to make sure everything looks good

After you create your version, you should “Preview” the version when applied to your site.  When previewing a version, you will be able to browse around the site as normal. You’ll see a green dot in the top right that lets you know that it’s a preview. You can also use the Exit option here to resume a normal session on your site. 

You should:

  • Check to ensure all ads display

  • Make sure menus and images function correctly

  • Test user functionality such as search queries or posting comments.

If you click on the green dot, you are given information on the features you are previewing. It'll also give you the option to exit the preview and go back to your un-optimised site:


IMPORTANT: Ads should show and all other aspects of the page should look the same. If they don’t, try a different version with slightly different settings and be sure to let Ezoic know in the feedback area.

When a page isn’t ready to be previewed, you’ll see a "preview is being generated" page. Don't worry, once the preview is ready you'll see a link which will take you to it — it usually doesn’t take longer than a minute.  

6. Preview your new PageSpeed Insights scores!

That’s right, you don’t even have to activate the version live on your site before you can run it through Google PageSpeed Insights. Just copy the preview URL and paste it into PageSpeed Insights to see the score.

7. Deactivate everything you don't need

With Leap, you no longer need a laundry list of plugins, widgets, and 3rd-party scripts - Leap is a true one-stop site speed shop!

You can start by removing or disabling these image or JS optimization plugins and tools listed in your Recommendations tab. 

Often, these plugins or tools negatively impact how Leap optimizes the speed of the site. Turning these things off will make the site even faster.

You can find recommended technologies or plugins for your site on our Certified Seamless page

8. Activate your new version

If everything looks good and is functioning well in the preview, your version is ready to be activated. 


If something doesn’t work, let our dedicated Leap team know. You can open a ticket directly with them in your Leap menu under the Problems? Please let us know section on the right-hand side. 


The tool is continuously being developed and improved, so don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work right just yet. We’ll fix it for you or make a recommendation to help you get the highest page speed insights scores possible! 

How fast will my site be with Leap?

True to form, Ezoic has machine learning built-in to Leap. While Ezoic is best known for ourA.I. technology that tests and optimizes ads and assists publishers with website monetizationour new speed tool will also learn from visitor experiences to improve site speed incrementally over time.  

Ezoic will learn more about the site the longer Leap is enabled. Typically, Ezoic will optimize the site’s speed even more over time (assuming the score isn’t already a 100/100).

You can sign up for Leap here

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