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How to Link Google Search Console?

Modified on: Mon, 1 Apr, 2024

Why should I link my Google Search Console to Ezoic?

When you link your Google Search Console to Ezoic's Big Data Analytics you can get valuable insights into your site's search rankings and how they affect user experience metrics and revenue.

Discover what your most valuable keywords are, see what ranking changes could have the largest impact on your site and uncover opportunities to grow your traffic.

How can I link my Google Search Console with Ezoic?

Step 1 - Go to the "NicheIQ" app after logging into your Ezoic Dashboard:


Step 2 - Navigate to settings then Select 'Authorize'


Step 3 - This will open a window where you can login into your Google Account to authorize the link to Ezoic. The process is outlined below.

Once completed you will see in the NicheIQ settings menu this is linked:


To connect Google Search Console - Google asks that the publisher creates a DNS record to verify ownership of the site:

Go to the dashboard > Settings > DNS


Add DNS record here:


Now edit the DNS record:

Choose TXT file, put @ as the name, and paste in the value provided from Google Search Console then hit Save:


Where can I see the Google Search Console report?

You can view your Google Search Console report in your Big Data Analytics.

  • Select Analytics in your dashboard
  • Go to SEO on the left-hand side of your Big Data Analytics Dashboard and select Search Console. You will then see your reports information.

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