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How to Switch Hosting Providers

Modified on: Sat, 6 Apr, 2024

When you switch hosts it's important to update your DNS records in your Ezoic account to match those as they appear at your new host. This is because Ezoic needs an up to date copy of the DNS records in order to know where to go to fetch your content and serve it via our proxy.

You will need to update the full list of DNS records (A, CNAME records, etc.) in your Ezoic dashboard. Typically when you move hosts the IP address changes but you may find that the record type also changes for some entries. You can learn more about DNS records here.


To do this follow these steps:

1. Locate your DNS records at your host (check out Where to Find DNS Records at Your Host for help). Be aware that hosts may also call these ‘zone files’ and they can usually be found in the ‘zone editor’.

2. Once you have located your DNS records at your host you should edit the copy in your Ezoic dashboard to match the DNS in your hosting account. You are able to update these manually in your Ezoic Dashboard under 'Settings' > 'DNS Settings' > 'Edit DNS Record' or you can upload all the DNS records through a .csv file format.


Here is an article with more information on this: How To Update/Add: DNS Records and Subdomains.

Ezoic offers free hosting for our publishers and provides seamless integration of all our products and systems, so if you’re interested in that check out this article: Ezoic Hosting App.

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