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Is Ezoic's CDN or The Caching App Working On My Site?

Modified on: Mon, 20 Mar, 2023

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How can I tell if Ezoic's cache is working?

What I'm seeing cache Miss?

How can I tell if Ezoic's cache is working?

If you're either integrated via name servers or Cloudflare, you'll be able to cache and serve your site content for free on our global CDN using the caching app. But how do you know that it's working correctly? The easiest way to verify this is by checking for the x-ezoic-cdn response header in the Google developer console. 

To access Googe developer tools: 

  1. Press the F12 key whilst in a chrome window to launch the Google developer console.

  2. Click 'Network' in the bar at the top of the console.

  3. Look for your domain name in the list of files (it should be right near the top of the list).

  4. Click the Headers tab and look for x-ezoic-cdn. If it says 'Hit', then the content is being served to the page from Ezoic's cache. If it says 'Miss', then it isn't. If you don't see the header at all, then chances are, caching is turned off. 

NOTE: Ezoic caching will not function with WordPress plugin integration. If you wish to use our caching, you'll need to integrate via either Name servers or Cloudflare.

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What happens if I'm seeing a cache 'miss'? 

Don't panic! There are several reasons why you'd see a cache miss on the site. For example, if you're the first person to go to the page since the cache has refreshed. You need to make sure that there are significantly more cache hits than misses to your site on the whole. You can verify this by going to 'Ezoic Caching' in the site speed tab of Big Data Analytics:


Seeing lots of cache Misses?

Ezoic will always obey the rules set on your site first. This means existing cache headers on your site may have pre-existing rules set to prevent Ezoic from caching a page or site with our CDN.

These rules could be set by a plugin or extension if you use a common CMS, like WordPress or Joomla. They could also be set at your host as well.

Ezoic can alter our caching to override these rules by opting to 'override caching control headers', but before you do so, you'll need to make sure that this won't have a negative effect on your site setup. If you're unsure, you can reach out to your host or plugin/extension provider (whoever is setting the rules) before setting this option to 'true' in Ezoic's caching app.

You can also use Big data analytics to see why the cache may be missing by navigating to Site speed > Caching > Ezoic caching.

Below the graph, there will then be a table with a breakdown of the data. If you select the hyperlink 'cache miss' you will then be provided with another table advising you of the reasons for the cache miss. 


You can find out more about improving your cache hit rate here.

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