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Statcounter Visits Vs. Google Analytics

Modified on: Tue, 20 Feb, 2024

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What is Statcounter?

Why doesn't Ezoic accept Statcounter data as proof of traffic?

What is Statcounter?

To put it simply, Statcounter is a server-side paid analytics package that provides an overview of user activity on a website in a digestible format. Statcounter is currently used on approximately 2 million websites. Available reports include browser reports, device type, landing pages, location, page views and traffic sources.

Why doesn't Ezoic accept Statcounter data as proof of traffic?

Statcounter is likely to show different results from Google Analytics and from Big Data Analytics. This is because all these tools track data in a different way.

When you sign up a website for monetization with Ezoic, you will be asked to share read-only access to your Google Analytics with our Platform Quality team so that they can verify that your site meets the traffic threshold (currently 10000 visits/ month). 

We will not accept Statcounter data as proof of this traffic requirement currently. The reason for this is that Statcounter's tools tend to count everything (bots that send a request to the server included), and tend to record pages that were requested but never loaded (for example users clicking 'back' before the page had time to load). Statcounter traffic statistics can often therefore be higher than those of other tools.

Generally speaking, Ezoic's Big Data Analytics is likely to give the most accurate reports because Ezoic tracks at the dns level rather than via a script. Check out this article for more information on this: Why is my bounce rate different at Google Analytics?

Once you are using Ezoic, you'll be able to leverage the unique insights and granular reports you can find here. 


Check out this article on how to use Big Data Analytics.

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