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The Ezoic Story

Modified on: Thu, 16 May, 2024

Ezoic (pronounced ee-zo-ic) was founded by Dwayne Lafleur in 2010.

Dwayne first got the idea for Ezoic because of his background as a web publisher and entrepreneur (he started his first website in 1999). When he was running the first advertising network Cubics (the first ad network for Facebook app developers), he noticed how hard it was for social app developers to improve their page layouts.

"The 'ah-ha' moment came when I realized that after great content, page layout (where the content and the ads are located on the page and their relationship to one another) was the most important thing a publisher could change to improve user experience and earnings."

Dwayne Lafleur CEO and Founder of Ezoic.

Dwayne investigated and found that whilst a lot of bigger digital publishers routinely tested page layout, there was no automated toolkit available for independent publishers to test and improve their sites.

After 3 years of in-house testing, Ezoic launched in closed beta in mid 2013. We are the first automated platform dedicated to website improvement, with special emphasis on layout and ad testing.

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